Restoring Our Relationship with the Environment

Our Mission

Stay Blooming is a platform dedicated to providing accessible eco-education through events and media. Last year, we focused on facilitating local environmental cleanups along waterfronts within NYC. For 2020, we are our continuing our cleanup efforts and collaborating with community members to reach more New Yorkers.

Currently, we are only operating within New York City.


“I loved the educational aspect and purpose of this project awareness, Stay Blooming clean up in our own neighborhood . Everyone that had attended were welcoming and all the volunteers were on time professional, kind, understanding, helpful, caring, polite, friendly, peaceful, safe environment, therapeutic, hard-working individuals in our community. People were respectful especially practicing social distancing safety measures. I will definitely continue to participate in the future efforts of environmental protection Street, Bronx River waterways in our Bronx communities and neighborhood as well our community gardens green open urban land space. I would definitely recommend to my friends and anyone who appreciates nature and outdoors.”

Mario F.

“It was a dope experience, felt good being apart of something that’s helping our communities. My son wasn’t 100% into until he was doing the working and once we were done he went to school and talked about with other kids and he was super proud of the work he did that day. Can’t wait to be apart of the next one.”

Miriam M.

“I liked that there were gloves and supplies ready. Friendly atmosphere.”


“I liked that everyone participated and helped out our community.”

Edgar M.

“I liked how united we all were. I met really nice people. :)”


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