Restoring Our Relationship with the Environment

Our Mission

Stay Blooming is an initiative dedicated to providing accessible eco-education through events and media. During 2019 and 2020, we focused on facilitating local environmental cleanups in streets, parks, and along waterfronts all within NYC. In 2021, we are our switching gears and preparing to offer a crash eco-course for beginners.

More information is coming soon.


“I liked that there were gloves and supplies ready. Friendly atmosphere.”


“It was a dope experience, felt good being apart of something that’s helping our communities. My son wasn’t 100% into until he was doing the working and once we were done he went to school and talked about with other kids and he was super proud of the work he did that day. Can’t wait to be apart of the next one.”

Miriam M.

“Very well organized and safe.”

Julio F.

“I liked that everyone participated and helped out our community.”

Edgar M.

“I liked how united we all were. I met really nice people. :)”


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