Alyssa Perez, Founder

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“I am many things but among the most important are a mother and an environmentalist. I have always had a passion for our natural world and found myself wanting to protect these spaces over the years. Environmental awareness, education, and stewardship encompass much of my life.

I have worked with Queens Botanical Garden as a Farm & Compost Intern and with GrowNYC as a Compost Coordinator. I just graduated with my BA in Environmental Studies at Queens College. I am a member of the Bronx SWAB. I spend my free time hiking, in local NYC parks, and staying updated on the latest eco-news.

You can email me at or follow me on Instagram at @sunnyneurosis.”

Destiny DeJesus, Content Manager

“My name is Destiny and I’m a community organizer from The Bronx, NY. I’m currently living in Dallas, Texas and building community through hosting vegan-friendly events for PoC. 

Since moving to the south, I’ve become more holistic and mindful in my every day practices. My move opened my mind to what the rest of the world looks like outside of New York City and how we treat it.

I believe that mindfulness is the first step in helping our environment. After changing my diet/lifestyle and becoming plant based, I’ve unlearned so much and I love sharing my experiences with people. You can follow my journey on Instagram @eatyodestiny or visit my website”

Natalie Trujillo, Event Coordinator

“Hi! I’m Natalie Trujillo! I am an Event Coordinator at Stay Blooming.

I am passionate about caring for people. That may sound a little strange, but I am a nurse! I am eager to educate, practically anyone who will listen, on the effects climate change has on our health along with the population’s health. I also get excited over the small sustainable steps we each can do to help the environment. 

I received my bachelor’s degree in nursing from Wesley College in Dover, Delaware. I have practiced as a nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and Care for the Homeless in New York City. 

You can follow me on Instagram at @natalie.trujillo13 and hope to see you at the next Stay Blooming event!”

Ashley Galarza, Event Coordinator

“Hi, my name is Ashley! I’m from the Bronx, NY. My passion lies in education, so I️ am always trying to educate myself and others around me. I’ve recently started learning more about sustainability and environmental issues; which has led to me wanting to take an active role in my community. Alongside Stay Blooming, I️ am also a volunteer at GrowNYC.

I️ hope to learn more about ways to help the environment and learn from other people’s experiences. You can follow me on Instagram at @_ashhmg. I️ hope I’d be able to catch you at future Stay Blooming events!”

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